Invitation to bid

Via Vasco De Gama - Via Doria, - Terralba - Oristano - Sardinia


Ad Type: Sale by Owner
Price: € 1.845.421,00
Type: Company
Property Condition: Excellent
Floor area: 9700 m2
Energy class: Not indicated

Ref. 10083 - For sale Industrial building currently used as a conditioning centre for fruit and vegetables, in the Municipality of Terralba with a lot belonging to the "Coop. Agricola Agronatura», c.f. 01000270957, stated in decree Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development number 308 dated 06/08/2010. Page 7, part 2564, sub. 2 Page 7, part 2564, sub. 3 Page 7, part 2564, sub. 4 The factory (3257sqm) lies on a surface area of approximately 9700sqm, with three driveways. Updated probable market value 1,845,421.51€ Rules applying to the offer The offer must be in a closed and sealed envelope. It must contain: - an indication of the net price of taxes. - Full details of the bidder - Declaration of being aware of the state and law under which the properties are located, accepting the terms and conditions of the bidding invite. - Security deposit of 10% of the offered price The package in Soc.Coop.AGRONATURA in decree. it must arrive at the Notary Antonio Galdiero's office in Cagliari, in Via Biasi n.14 within 12 hours from January 31st, 2019. The packages will be opened and the offers examined on the 5th of February 2019 at 12.00 at the office stated. Offers are not binding for the Procedure. For information, inspections and the full text about the bidding offer, contact the Comm. Cooliquidatore Dr. Corrado Caddeo Via Figari n.7 / B - 09131 CAGLIARI-Tel.070 / 554.168-Fax070 / 554.342-Mail


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Contacts: Fernando Bianco
Telephone: +39 0833571423


Via Vasco De Gama - Via Doria,
Terralba - Oristano - Sardinia