Ad Type: Sale by Owner
Price: Upon request
Type: Castle
Property Condition: To be renovated
Energy class: Not indicated

Ref. 9575 - Lercaro Castle, a 13th century castle located in the Municipality of Ovada (AL), was the historical residence of the imperial aristocratic family of the Lercaro marquises of Genoa, whose name it still bears. In 1872 it was donated to charity by the Marchioness Battina Franzoni, so that it could be used as a shelter and hospice for the poor and elderly of the Ovada region. For years it fulfilled this function, but over time it was then decommissioned and has remained unused until today. The property for sale consists of a historic castle located in the municipality of Ovada (AL). The main building has a closed courtyard and on the south/east side it is adjacent to the pavilions of the "Ospizio di Lercaro" Care Residence. The building is spread over 3 floors plus a basement and attic for a total of 3,375 m². The secondary building, located on the north/east side of the main one and separated from it by a closed courtyard, has a rectangular plan and is spread over 2 floors above ground for a total of 872 m². Given the historical and architectural importance of the building, the Lercaro Castle is bound by the Superintendence of Architectural and Landscape Heritage. CONTACTS Judicial Commissioners Dr. Rossella CAMARDA Prof. Gian Luigi GOLA Tel. 0171 734917 | e-mail csainlca@legalmail.it


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